Thailand: Pattaya Evening Part 3


My heart was beating within my chest…boom boom…boom boom… as we began to walk the final section of our night in Pattaya. My spirit began to pray, joining with my beating heart, “save them…heal them…rescue them…restore them…”

So many thoughts were swirling in my mind, such as,

“What will we see?”

“Lord help me with what I may see.”

“Oh Lord, save these babies.”

Anticipation was rising in my throat like bile as I mentally, emotionally and spiritually was preparing myself for the final part of our night in Thailand. This is the part where some of our group did not go, for various reasons. This part is not for the lighthearted, as for what was ahead of us.

I wondered to myself, how could it be any darker than what we had already seen, but I knew the answer to my question. We were going into the secret district of sex trafficking. This is the area where children are sold. This place is filled with secrecy. At one time, it was more in the open in the purchasing process, but with the many sting operations which have taken place over the last year or so, the world of sex trafficking children has gone underground in many aspects. Where we were walking into was a dangerous place for those who didn’t belong.

We are told what we will probably see is children playing with adults in front of shops and businesses. It gives the appearance of innocence, but in reality it is a very dark world. Connections are made and then sex tourists who are looking for children will meet them in secret locations.

As we walk down the alley to our right we see a woman and a toddler in front of a store. The toddler is a boy and he has no clothes on. The woman is playing with him with a hose and washing him off. The woman is kneeling down next to him and looks up at us laughing. We get the sense that she is “putting on a show for us” and we are right. It’s nine o’clock at night, much too late for this baby to be out in front getting cleaned up, but right on time to show him off to us naked.

Around the corner we see a child, a little girl, about four years old who is sitting on a couch with a man, playing a game. Again, it all appears innocent, however this is the known pedophile district, so there are no coincidences in this place. Most of the children we see are small children in this particular area. We cannot go through the entire pedophile district, as it is known by, because the road dead ends and there is no way to go through this area. It is too dangerous for us to go all the way down into the deepest parts of the district, as the evil is very evident in this place, and there are watchers everywhere.

Underage #4I continue to pray as we walk through, praying for those hidden children inside the buildings, inside the stores and business, inside the bars we do not enter into. We turn off to the left, as this is as far as we can go. I hesitate briefly, as my heart is heavy for the children down the road. I continue on with our group praying as we walk into a new district.

We have now entered into the homosexual district. Everyone in our group but one are females and groups of older men are sitting on chairs on either sides of us. Some are yelling out mocking comments to us as we walk by, some are laughing at us, and others are staring at us as if we are intruders walking into their domain. We continue to press forward, praying, claiming territory everywhere our feet step.

Once again my prayers join with my beating heart….boom boom….boom boom…”save them…heal them…protect them…expose corruption…revive this place…heal this land…”

We round another corner and on the left side there are two boys, probably around fourteen years old up ahead. They are in front of a business, both only dressed in underwear, one is standing and the other is sitting on a stool. They look down, blank stares are on their faces, and my heart breaks for what they are living through.I’ve seen the blank stare everywhere we go. It’s a stare of dissociating, going someplace else in ones thoughts, so to not have to think about what they are going living every day. We smile at them, say hello to them, but as we get closer they look away from us. We don’t fit the profile of those who come to this establishment, so they don’t have to “put on a show” to get us to go in to the bar that advertises male dancers.

482089My heart is heavy for these beautiful children in Thailand who are trapped in a world of sex trafficking. This is not God’s plan for them.

This is not God’s plan for Pattaya. This is not God’s plan for Thailand.

I ask you, once again as I have in previous posts about my journey in Thailand, to search your hearts, to spend time in prayer, and to inquire of God how you can help bring a change to this huge issue of sex trafficking.

free_valentine_bokeh_heart_vector_background_277792If you listen carefully, you to may hear your beating heart joining with my beating heart in prayer for this beautiful place and these beautiful people….boom boom…boom boom…”save them…heal them…restore them…revive them…”

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