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Kristin’s story is one of redemption, healing and restoration. As a child and teen she experienced sexual abuse and then she turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. As a young adult Kristin had a life changing encounter with Jesus, her Savior, and her life was forever changed.

The moment Kristin accepted Jesus into her life, God began to lead her on an adventurous journey toward healing and restoration. Using creative arts as a tool, God brought Kristin back to life and led her into a deep relationship with Him, often calling her to sit at his feet. It was here He restored her through love and taught her what true intimacy really is.

Kristin is a licensed counselor who is passionate about seeing women find freedom, healing and restoration in their own lives. She is a writer, counselor, speaker, teacher, mentor and leader to women. She is a storyteller and uses allegorical examples to impart life, freedom, and healing to many. She speaks on a variety of topics including teachings from her writing Healing for Our Soul Garden, which is about the restoration and healing process from sexual abuse, as well as leading and teaching women to grow in a deeper relationship with God. She is available to share according to your needs at your focused retreat, conference or workshop.

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