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This blog is a result of a book project that I have been working on the last 3 years in writing and developing over the past couple of years. As a child and teen I experienced sexual abuse that forever changed me. This book is a story of restoration, healing, and new beginnings.

This is a journey that I myself have taken, and my prayer is that you will find healing and restoration as I did in my own life. This is not a path that is always easy, but it is one that is necessary to take back your life and no longer be a victim of what happened to you.

When I first began the healing process in my own life I often wondered would there ever be a day that would go by that I wouldn’t think about what happened to me?

Would I ever be “normal” again?

Or would I forever be marked by what happened?

I found over the years that now I don’t think about what happened to me every day, that I am as “normal” as I can be, if that’s possible (my friends can attest to that one), and that even though I am marked by what happened to me, it does not define who I am and what my purpose in life is.

The purpose of this book is not so much to tell the story of what happened to me, but instead to share the healing process that I went through to find my life again.

It is my hope and prayer that you too will go on this journey and find the healing and restoration I believe God has for you as well.

For the past few years God has been speaking to me about my life as a garden. I love to garden, however in my early adult years I did not have a green thumb. That may have been more symbolic than I realized at the time. As the years have gone by I have learned to love and understand gardening. I am the first to say that I am not a master gardener, but I have found so much joy and rest in my time in my own garden. It has become a place where my creativity flows and I have savored the moments when my hands are in the soil and I am at work creating.

It is in those moments that God has spoken to me in His kind, gentle way, and has talked with me about my own garden, my soul, and of the work that He has done to restore me back to the garden of life that He created me to be.

This is the journey that I would like to take you on with me.

It is a journey of healing,






                                                                        and beauty.


Although I am still in the process of writing this book, I wanted to create a place where we can sit and talk. I would love to hear from you on this subject. So please feel free to write, comment, and share your experiences as well. I truly value what you have to say.

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